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Fantastic service: works flawlessly, best support I've experienced. It just works: and its parsing meta-language is wonderfully powerful. Most importantly, the support I've received has been superlative. Mike P. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ VP (see it on Capterra)

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# pip install scrapingbee

from scrapingbee import ScrapingBeeClient

client = ScrapingBeeClient(api_key='YOUR-API-KEY')
response = client.get(
            "title" : "h1",
            "subtitle" : "#subtitle",
            "articles": {
                "selector": ".card",
                "type": "list",
                "output": {
                    "title": ".post-title",
                    "link": ".post-title@href",
                    "description": ".post-description"
print('Response HTTP Status Code: ', response.status_code)
print('Response HTTP Response Body: ', response.json())


Response HTTP Status Code: 200

  "title": "The ScrapingBee Blog",
  "subtitle": " We help you get better at web-scraping: detailed tutorial, case studies and writing by industry experts",
  "articles": [
      "title": "  Block ressources with Puppeteer - (5min)",
      "link": "",
      "description": "This article will show you how to intercept and block requests with Puppeteer using the request interception API and the puppeteer extra plugin."
      "title": "  Web Scraping vs Web Crawling: Ultimate Guide - (10min)",
      "link": "",
      "description": "What is the difference between web scraping and web crawling? That's exactly what we will discover in this article, and the different tools you can use."


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Scrapingbee helps us to retrieve information from sites that use very sophisticated mechanism to block unwanted traffic, we were struggling with those sites for some time now and I'm very glad that we found ScrapingBee. Anton R ★★★★★ CTO (see it on Capterra)
ScrapingBee simplified our day-to-day marketing and engineering operations a lot . We no longer have to worry about managing our own fleet of headless browsers, and we no longer have to spend days sourcing the right proxy provider Mike Ritchie CEO @SeekWell
So easy to set-up, straightforward and performance. They are reachable and kind, they introduced us properly their tool and offered the best solution for our need. Maxime Y ★★★★★ Product Manager @ NordFolk (see it on Capterra)
I'm a PhD candidate with absolutely no web scraping experience and needed to scrape some data for a dissertation project. ScrapingBee helped me get the job done quickly and easily. Excellent customer support too. Couldn't be happier! Sam ★★★★★ PhD candidate (see it on Capterra)
Great SaaS tool for legitimate scraping and data extraction. ScrapingBee makes it easy to automatically pull down data from the sites that publish periodic data in a human-readable format. Andy Hawkes Founder @Loadster
Good experience. I found this proxy service more effective compared to previous ones that were being used. It is fast and efficient. Aayushi ★★★★★ Senior analyst (see it on Capterra)
Excellent service, glad we made the switch! We could always dedicate resources and build our own systems for everything... or we could simply call the scrapingBee API and focus on the data. It's makes our work so much easier. Daniel L ★★★★★ Lead dev (see it on Capterra)

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